Nitta Fishing Innovations is a limited liability company based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Its founders and managing members are avid fishermen. The company strives to provide innovative, easy-to-use, high-quality tools and equipment for fishermen worldwide. For more information contact us.

Most fishermen know that rigging bait can be a tedious task and is almost always invasive.  After much frustration with rigging and losing bait due to tearing at the site of puncturing, especially in rough Hawaiian waters, Nitta Fishing Innovations owner Gye Nitta invented the N3 Harness.  


Gye tested his prototype made of materials from a local hardware store.  While fishing with business partner and co-owner of Nitta Fishing Innovations Sidney "Sid" Yim, Gye challenged Sid to use whatever method he wanted on his side of the boat while Gye would test the N3.  To their surprise,  Gye's side of the boat caught most of the mahimahi and ono.  It was that moment that the partnership began and the revolutionary journey of the N3 Harness began.